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  1. this method makes the games playable on WIndows 10. Much simpler too since a third party tool enables Macrovision permanently https://appuals.com/enable-secdrv-sys/#comment-5075286750
  2. how exactly? eg the file E000_GC.sfd do I type E000_GCXD.sfd, E000_GC.XDsfd or E000_GC.XD.sfd?
  3. Make warp light brighter as on the PlayStation 2 console release Open Tsonic_win.exe with a hex editor such as HxD. Go to offsets 0x1BAD5, and 0x1B877, then change both from 06 to 02. Download the fixes from the Xbox mod there is an error in the guide. 0x1B877 is 6A. 06 is next to it regardless the game crashes before any 3d stage.
  4. the site that had an Iso of the game before it was licensed, two users had similar issues with ff3.I had the same issues unfortunately 1. To be able to run the game in Windows 10 and fix the "color 16" you should do the following: Left-click on the Game icon, = Properties= compatibility =compatibility Mode - Select Windows XP = below that in Setting "Redecued Color Mode = select 16-bit color= OK Then you can enjoy the Game! 2. It seems to have issues with Windows 10 and says that its missing something like "color 16" and everything on the screen is jumbled mess of mismat
  5. I also have a 60hz monitor non-gsync. after tinkering I found the solution. It seems except 16-bit mode you also have to set compatibility to Win XP SP3. Then game runs fine. If you set it to win95/98 game window and windows screen and mouse cursor become slow and if you maximise window, mouse cursor becomes normal but game becomes super fast. However it you try to press full screen keys (alt+enter) it freezes and you have to click new game. This only for Samurai Showdown 2.Fatal Fury 3 does not have this issue. Also if you click on any menu, eg to change co
  6. are you able to run game in fullscreen too, because it hangs no matter what. which in-game setup graohic options do you pick? try running Puzzle Bobble 4 and post the results it seems AMD drivers are better suited.
  7. you have an older gpu probably that has an advantage on running older games because of older drivers They'd run better the games than the latest gpu without wrappers because they don't spend time optimising their drivers for older games , dropping compatibility
  8. It was the same solution found in the wiki for Bust a move 4, which is also slow. Try to run it without Dxwrapper to see if you have slowdown there too. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Puzzle_Bobble_4 Poor performance in Windows 10 • Link Using DxWrapper (Windows 10)[1] Works for both windowed and fullscreen. Download the lastest release of DxWrapper. Go to <path-to-game>, and extract dxwrapper.dll, dxwrapper.ini and ddraw.dll (the last
  9. 1.Copy the game folder to HDD to a folder of your choice 2. Set Loader.exe and Samurai2.exe to run in 16-bit color mode. 3.Download Dxwrapper https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper 4.From the downloaded file, copy ddraw.dll, dxwrapper.dll, dxwrapper.ini to game folder 5.Copy following to dxwrapper.ini .Some of it is redundant probably but it does not affect the game. ;; Config file for DirectX DLL Wrapper ;; ;; For details, see: https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper/wiki/Configuration ;; [General] RealDllPath = AUTO Wrapper
  10. I had to add the ThirteenAG widescreen fix in the main folder of sh3 and game now launches in HD via this in Reloader together with the sound pack. Steam 006 works only if I launch it via the SH3 root folder but not with the Reloader mod.
  11. I have an issue running the game via Reloaded mod loader with the Widescreen fix. both audio enhancement pack (2.0.4) , SH Voice Pack (2.5.8) and 006 widescreen fix 2.2.4 are present. In order to run the game with the widescreen resolution, I read that I have to copy the silent hill 3 pc fix ini to the mods folder of steam 006 in reloaded. However if I do this nothing happens and game runs at 4x3 low res. same ini is edited for HD resolution when I run the game via Dll injector.
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