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  1. I understand. The issue is especially noticing on the retro graphic, without all the parallax is much easier to see how much it judder. Well, if I end up getting the full game I will surely give it a try to the fix, thank you 🙂 p.s. so you can use this fix on any Unity game? I noticed that lately (thanks to Steam Next Fest) this isn't a thing anymore for most indie/AA games, but until some years ago it was a plague.
  2. Thanks! Just tried and, while it works at first, after you lose all lives and you restart a level the whole thing breaks. Can happen even after you die. At that point even selecting another level doesn't fix it, you have to close the demo and open it again. Is it something that happen with the fix on the full game as well?
  3. Hi! I Just tried this fix on the demo and it doesn't work, it still judder at anything that isn't 50Hz. The patch is only for the full game?
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