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  1. So I decided to use JoyToKey as workaround. Create new profile, config trigger buttons (normally button 11 and 12) as down and up arrows. I don't know if it's truly analogic but I cannot find better solution atm.
  2. Thank you for your time. When I put all the files in the game folder, problem get worse as nothing works. The gamepad apart triggers works if I put alone either Dinput files or XInput files in the folder. To be clear, in CT3config.exe, nothing happens when I press triggers. All the other buttons works. The default game config use "UP" and "DOWN" as analog feature. Maybe if I swap RB and LB for UP and DOWN in the XinputPlus.ini, I could make the triggers working but I failed so far.
  3. Hi, I put XInput1_3.dll and XInputPlus.ini in the game folder but the triggers are still not working. My gamepad is the official Wireless X360. Did I miss some process?
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