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  1. I mean... sure, it's up to you, your decision after all. But since there isn't even a tag for implementations like Steam Remote Play on Tablet or Xbox Cloud Gaming optimised for touch which are supported more and more, it confuses me that stuff like Anisotropic filtering on the other hand, which 99% don't even know what it means, is listed even it is marked as "unknow". 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  2. Unfortunately, Steam & Co. hardly care about a corresponding representation of support, since the group of gamers with Windows-/Linux-touchscreens is probably just too small to consider. With the Surface's increasing market share and the spread of the 'Steam Deck' I hope for improvement, but so far they are relying on third party sources or buying on suspicion. So I'm glad to see the 'touchscreen optimized' tag here. However, I am surprised that this is not shown when a game has tested negative in terms of support. Example: Bridge Constructor Medieval. Bought with hope for support since
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