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  1. Hey, has anybody thought about adding a feature/field to the input infobox for manual switching of controller button prompts, under additional? It could be called "Manual Controller Button Prompt Switching" (or "Manual Switching of Controller Button Prompts") and the tooltip could read "The controller button prompts can be changed manually in the game's settings, regardless of the type of controller used."

    This feature was included in many 2022 games, like Death Stranding DC, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Ghostwire, Elex 2, Monster Hunter Rise, Stranger of Paradise, Rogue Legacy 2 and probably a few others, too. It's becoming more common and may be deserving of its own field. It could probably be hidden if not set since it has only really been included in 8th/9th gen games and a select few 7th gen games (mostly had to rely on mods for those). I use a third-party PS3 controller myself and always look for this feature in newly released games. It's also great for people who actually use Steam Input's controller configuration with their DS4's and want DS4 icons (if the game doesn't have that Steam auto-assignment function).

    A related change that may be needed as well is for the sub-fields of the controller types, such as icons, to be visible even if the main field is set to False. There are a few games that have DualShock 4/Switch icons without actually having native support for those controllers (mostly Switch). So if one or more sub-field is set to true and the main field is set to false, the expandible sub-fields are still visible.

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