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  1. Heh, sorry no I won't just be sending the whole game over. I'm also not sure what you're talking about by a text file only finding one track...? The only text file included was a readme. If you installed nGlide and are still having graphical nightmares, then the game is still set to the D3D backend. Right-click the exe and create a shortcut. Right-click the shortcut and click properties. In the Target box, add -videoconfig to the end of it, outside of the quotation marks. It should look kind of like this: "C:\Games\South Park\South Park [NOCD_FFOV] 1.1.exe" -videoconfig
  2. For that you have to rip the music from the CD (or find it online) and convert them to .ogg format. The .dll files just tell the game not to use the CD for music anymore and use the game directory instead. Have you installed nGlide? These glitches aren't a result of the patch, the game already does these type of things when not using nGlide. I've never changed dpi settings on the original but I would bet it happens there - the PC port is pretty low quality.
  3. Yeah convert them to .ogg (Audacity can do this and is free), make a folder called "Music" in the South Park directory and plop the music in there.
  4. You're welcome! Glad to help. I just realized that my instructions on the music isn't the clearest so I'll update that readme, but here's another important bit regarding the music. Name the tracks as such: track01.ogg track02.ogg track10.ogg track12.ogg and so on. there are 13 tracks in in the game. track01 is a duplicate of the main theme, and is unused.
  5. Hi! Not sure if you've fixed this or not so I apologize if I'm reviving a thread for no reason - but I made this account just to let you know about the "improved" No-CD exe I made and uploaded to moddb here. nGlide is still recommended however, or the game will look pixelated or glitchy without it. It should run on any modern Windows system, doesn't require a CD to play and has a few added graphics settings that the game originally doesn't offer. Music will not work unless you mount the CD to a virtual drive. Alternatively, you can download these edited .dll's so that the game looks
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