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  1. Does anyone know how to activate the DLC for Section 8 and Section 8 Prejudice?
  2. Update: I just used the 'Create local profile' option and all my data was saved! So it looks like you can save after all!
  3. How unfortunate. Looks like I'm stuck playing multiplayer...
  4. ...You wouldn't happen to know how to save your data with out GFWL, would you?
  5. Yeah, I just did it and it worked! Thanks for your help!
  6. If you could do that for me and report back with the results, I'd be most grateful.
  7. Hey all. I was just wondering if the XLive DLL file on this site for Bulletstorm is compatible with any other GFWL game, like Section 8 or Section 8 Prejudice. I can't seem to get either of the games running. Sorry if someone has asked this question before, I'm new here.
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