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  1. To all willing test subjects: Game's on GoG in case you missed it.
  2. Clean up whatever small jaggies are left for practically nothing? (the post process AA should also be more accurate due to the increased amount of rendered pixels it can analyze and work with)
  3. Not gonna happen. (there are no working AA bits for DX11, at least on nVidia's side; can't say anything regarding AMD) The only way you could get SGSSAA working on a DX11 game is if said game has MSAA support.
  4. Well, guess it's time to find out if that statement is accurate or not right?
  5. Since Windowed mode is working, perhaps you could try Borderless Windowed? Or are you getting black bars on Windowed mode as well?
  6. Not sure why people (mainly gaming news sites) were saying SecuRom wouldn't work on Windows 10, tested a couple games that use SecuRom's activation system (Bioshock retail and Fable 3) and there was no issue whatsoever. (in case anyone was curious)
  7. Some extra stuff concerning graphics options: 1: The in-game antialiasing also has a temporal filter and it does a decent job at handling aliasing artifacts that 'break' up pieces of geometry. (course this also explains why it is relatively demanding compared to basic post process AA solutions like FXAA and SMAA 1x which are almost free) 2: Visual wise there is no difference in Texture Quality between High and Ultra. Ultra just tells the game to reserve more VRAM for textures, effectively reducing texture streaming issues if you have sufficient VRAM.
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