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    Mirror download link for texture mod for the HD Collection version of DMC3. Package and cutscene coat texture provided by shu_bham. Cutscene face texture provided by cheburat0r. Obtained from link shared in a subreddit comment.
  2. Version March 29th 2022 Nightly Build


    This updated build for Chaos Theory features additional ini options over the current release build including: Disabling the Alt+Tab fix Setting the text offset according to the input game language Setting the ShadowMapSize to higher values (avoid shimmering on higher resolutions) Enabling ShadowFiltering (will be broken on multimonitor setups) Whether the exe has been modified or not (If the exe has been hexedited to edit ShadowMapSize the patch override won't work, this is to disable the override) This build was retrieved as from a March 29th 2022 Artifac
  3. Ah seems like this from the source GOG thread fixes this issue! https://www.gog.com/forum/clive_barkers_undying/no_subtitles/post79 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/BucKv2RlbswL0Q
  4. I'm getting a crash at the cutscene I assume before fighting Lizbeth with this error message after installing the patch. Save file before it included. Current.sav
  5. On the ones that are already covered, like remapping, simultaneous support, closed captions, and subtitles, could a page be made to more easily search what games have such support? At the moment the only way to do that seems to be going through the very hard to read properties pages or just searching each game individually. Heck, letting you filter by supported subtitle languages could prove very useful to do, especially if the list let you filter based on name easily. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Property:Closed_captions
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