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  1. 9 hours ago, dawefefwwfe said:

    Are you on Nvidia? You might notice the Forza Horizon bug with Latest nvidia driver. Downgrade to 497. The Raytracing is bugged in photomode also, when applying paint to your car the game might crash to desktop due to forza vista raytracing nvidia bug. Might be related to bug out when ingame. I downgraded my driver from v. 511 a few days ago and its working now.

    Hi yes I'm latest drivers, I will try that as well. Thanks for your help as well! 😄 

  2. 8 hours ago, steel blade xcr said:

    @jacobThere isn't a FH5_RT_WIN_v6.CT yet, we apologize for the confusion from the typo in @cevian 's original message. @cevianand I haven't needed to create a v6 version yet since the v5 version should still work just fine at this time. If we find that an update for the mod is necessary later on, we will be uploading the newer version to this forum page.

    Oh all good, I just can't seem to get the mod working, yes loaded the mod when I was in photomode. Yes I made sure RT was at value of 1, for what ever reason it wouldn't activate. I will continue trying today.  


    What I do is follow the instructions exactly, go into game and focus to update but RTX doesn't appear. I'm probably missing something? I'm currently playing the game through Xbox Game Pass on PC. $1 for 3 months, could that be why?

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