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  1. Amazing! Huge thanks! This need to get more visibility!
  2. It does indeed not work anymore :-\ The lua script from the other thread doesnt work neither. Would anyone with the knowledge be interested in patching this once more? @cevian Perhaps you want to take a look? That would be awesome! 🙂
  3. Are you on Nvidia? You might notice the Forza Horizon bug with Latest nvidia driver. Downgrade to 497. The Raytracing is bugged in photomode also, when applying paint to your car the game might crash to desktop due to forza vista raytracing nvidia bug. Might be related to bug out when ingame. I downgraded my driver from v. 511 a few days ago and its working now.
  4. Its indeed working. Thank you! The thing I had to do was was open photo mode as switching with alt+tab would open the menu screen every time.
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