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    cevian reacted to chunky1311 in Forza Horizon 5 Ray Tracing Cheat Engine Table - Steam (Updated)   
    To confirm with more information, this absolutely works perfectly for me with x64 Cheat Engine 7.3. 
    Steam version of FH5, running Windows 11. 
    It's subtle and doesn't affect performance much at the default settings (RTX3080). 
    The two extra options (Extra Bounces, and Rays Per Pixel) work flawlessly for me as well, though those can really tank performance XD 
    The ray tracing enabled is rather subtle, but at the same time really adds realism to how the cars look. 
    I was particularly impressed looking into the tail lights and headlights of some cars! (Bentley headlights 😉 )

    Best of luck to everyone with this, and a massive thank you to OP for making this. 
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    cevian got a reaction from dawefefwwfe in Forza Horizon 5 Ray Tracing Cheat Engine Table Windows Store   
    Hi all - 
    In an effort to increase support and visibility, I have moved the mod file to its own thread. The latest version utilizes pointers (like the original mod by Dictator), so no Lua script is required, and you will not need to follow a strict step-by-step process to get it working. 
    @jacob - I would recommend downloading the cheat table from there. 
    Thank you all for your support and patience during this learning process!
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    cevian got a reaction from dawefefwwfe in Forza Horizon 5 Ray Tracing Cheat Engine Table Windows Store   
    (Mod creator)
    I just rechecked the mod and it appears to be working correctly with the latest version of Cheat Engine (7.3) and the 2022-01-11 Forza Horizon update.
    Did you wait until after you were inside of your vehicle (i.e. outside of the main menu and not within the vista)? Loading in the Cheat Engine Table prior to that will cause it to fail as the ray tracing byte addresses haven't yet been created.
    The steps to get this working correctly should be:
    Startup Forza Horizon 5 Once you're in game and in your vehicle, return to your desktop and open Cheat Engine Cheat Engine > File > Open Process > Forza Horizon 5 > Open Cheat Engine > File > Load (not 'Open File') > Select FH5_RT_WIN_v5.CT > Open You should see a pop-up titled Execute this lua script? > Click Yes Your Cheat Engine may freeze for a few seconds while the script runs, but the address list should auto-populate once it's complete Select the activation box next to Enable Ray Tracing (RTX) NOTE: Selecting and deselecting RTX_Enable will not affect the value (still working on this, I'm new to Cheat Engine) 0 = RTX disabled 1 = RTX enabled Selecting the activation box next to EXTRAS will enable Extra Bounces (1) and set Rays Per Pixel to the highest quality (3). Extra Bounces (0-1, default: 0) Rays Per Pixel (0-3, default: 2) I apologize that this script is so convoluted - as I mentioned, I haven't written anything in lua or Cheat Engine prior to this but I plan on improving this as time goes on. 
    EDIT: Changed FH5_RT_WIN_v6.CT  to FH5_RT_WIN_v5.CT to correctly match the file name.
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