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  1. @jacobThere isn't a FH5_RT_WIN_v6.CT yet, we apologize for the confusion from the typo in @cevian 's original message. @cevianand I haven't needed to create a v6 version yet since the v5 version should still work just fine at this time. If we find that an update for the mod is necessary later on, we will be uploading the newer version to this forum page.
  2. Since the base mod is no longer working and it's been almost two months since we've heard anything from the original creator, I asked someone I know to make the following alternative version, which I will upload here. Please note that this mod has been written without extensive experience in the Lua language so this is a very rudimentary brute-force attempt at recreating @Dictator's mod without the use of pointers (since Cheat engine's debug console always crashed the game). In essence, this mod automates the process that @lifterpuller created posted by looking through a wide list of
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