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  1. You could try to run the game in compatibility mode via right-click on SR2006.exe (or its shortcut), then go to Properties > Compatibility > Compatibility Mode. Try it with Windows 7 or Windows XP (SP3) compatibility mode. If this doesn't work and you properly followed all steps of the Installation Tutorial (step 6 is especially essential), then this solution indeed only works for Windows 7.
  2. I actually have moved the game to "C:\Games\Ski Racing 2006" a while ago and the save file reset issue still occurs. Recently I noticed that the game folder had limited rights for "User" (in folder properties > security), so I changed this setting to "full access" (so now rights include change and write). I hoped this would solve the save issue, but alas it didn't.
  3. I would like to share this guide on how to get the game "Ski Racing 2006 - Featuring Hermann Maier" running on Windows 7. The solution very likely also works for Windows 10/11. For now I will leave it with this forum post but in the future (after reading through guides) I will try making an actual wiki entry, as there is no page for this game yet. I really like the game and I think it's still the best and most authentic alpine skiing sim to date with pretty alright and atmospheric graphics (foggy weather in particular), real world cup locations and good controls. Installation Tu
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