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  1. Hope we do see it working again one day. Was always my favorite tool for photo mode
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! My apologies, as I'd never used cheat engine prior to trying to use this mod. And I wanna clarify that I did not create that original mod with the video link I posted—that was a user on the Digital Foundry discord
  3. I get an "Undefined lua error' when I try to open the file.
  4. Thank you very much for sharing this. I'm glad to see anyone else still pushing for this mod—I was so excited when I first saw the DF video showcasing the original mod, and it was the first time I'd seen a game of this fidelity with real-time RT on vehicles with self-reflections. Makes my photography work really shine. I hope we'll continue to see more support for it
  5. Just tried it this morning with the new update and (luckily) it worked first time. Not sure if it's easier to do again or if it'll just be these rare occasions again.
  6. This was the original guide posted to the Discord back at the beginning of November. I've included the array of byte in the title of the video, but copying it directly from the original post: 00 00 48 43 00 00 48 42 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 You'll need to ensure you have the "browse region" window at around the same width as well so that the "2nd row" is actually the proper 2nd row and the window size isn't screwing with it. I can attest that I DID get this method to work last week one time, but even trying it several times this morning I have trouble with it. Even when it was or
  7. I can attest that it did work prior to the patch on my machine, although I'm on the Windows store version. The other method (using Cheat Engine to search for a specific array of bite and then replacing one hex value) was only working occasionally, but when this was posted it worked flawlessly every time until the update dropped. I'm really hoping we get an update to use it again—it was a gamechanger for photos.
  8. I really do hope we can get this fixed again. Following the directions of from the original DF Discord user I was still able to get the mod to work manually (even after the patch), but it's much more of a headache than this method was and also only seems to work rather randomly.
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