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  1. How to fix this - zooming out and shifting the picture to the upper left corner when interactive mode is activated and subtitles are visible? Can you specify which number of code line should be changed and how exactly to do it? UPD - Silent_Hill_4_PC_Fix.ini The solution was found on the GOG forum https://www.gog.com/forum/silent_hill_4_the_room/silent_hill_4_pc_fix_by_steam006_discussion "# Increase the resolution of background screens IncreaseBackgroundResolution = 1 Having this option enabled will make your pause menu to focus on a squared section of the screen,
  2. Delete all d3d8.dll from ENB or ReShade, d3d9.dll from ReShade and dinput8.dll from WidescreenFix
  3. This set seems to conflict with ReShade, i see error 2.0 appears and the game does not start. All I needed was VSync, this is not available in other mods unfortunately. And without ReShade, the game doesn't look good as it could. Do you think there are options to make work vertical synchronization without conflict with Reshaid?
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