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  1. Thanks for the video. Yes, its the same problem. The problem are the voices of the cops and player when they see enemies or dies. I think the game have problems to load all that small audio files in data_dx /stream If you delete all emt files on that folder, you will see that all micro stutters disappear. Maybe other games uses emt files and someone found a solution?
  2. Hi, I installed 25 to life on windows 10 and every time the game loads an audio file, such as cops voices, the game freezes for a few micro seconds creating stuttering. The problem is the data_dx / stream folder which contains 5000 emt files. If I delete these files the game is very fluid, but obviously the sound effects are missing. Does it happen to you too? I use a MSI GE62VR 6RF APACHE PRO and the game is installed on ssd. I also tried to start it in xp / 98 compatibility Thanks
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