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  1. Version 1.0.0

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    Add compatibility to 64bits system version: Win64 patch Instructions for use: 1) Ensure that you have applied the 1.1 patch to the game before extracting the new zip file. 2) Extract all of the files contained in the zip archive to your Colin McRae Rally 2005 folder. By default this is c:\program files\Codemasters\Colin McRae Rally 2005 3) When prompted choose to overwrite the existing cmr5.exe and protect.dll files Run the game. NOTE: This update is provided as is and is not supported. Codemasters offers no guarantee that this will allow the game to run unde
  2. Version 1.1

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    This patch will fix the following issues with the game: 1) Any instances of seeing white grass on tracks should now be gone 2) There should be no more flasing sun textures when using "Handicap" on splitscreen games 3) There is now an option to turn off sun effects within the game, this is achieved my running the game from a command prompt with the "NOSUN" command line option 4) All engine tests now give you the same amount of time to complete them 5) You can now go straight back from High texture quality to Medium texture quality 6) There should be no more flash
  3. Version

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    Changes in version 1.01: - Escape from main menu - Dbox Support - Arrows always visible in the keyboard menu - Focus on the selected joypad in keyboard menu - Fix Ghost color online - Fix anticipated pacenotes - Fix wrong ghost upload/download - Fanatec Wheel support - Fix Online / Leaderboards - Loading not timed out when there is no connection - Fix crash after pressing start on warning message - Fix Leaderboards view corruption - Fix Launcher PC list all Resolutions - After finishing and restarting a race 'Damage Indicator' sh
  4. Version 1.0.1

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    Tool to remove HDR from the game, for it to work you need to run it in Vista compatibility and administrator, select None and Apply, to reactivate the HDR select Full and Apply. Credits: ScruffyIMS Tester: murdo
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