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  1. Attached file removed ! Why ? That's just directories. EDIT: after going to my account looking at my attachements, it was back (i removed reg redundant entries too now). That's how it looks in ShortcutsSearchAndReplace :
  2. This tool can view all infos about shortcuts in any DIRectory : http://jacquelin.potier.free.fr/ShortcutsSearchAndReplace/ Cet outil peut afficher toutes les infos sur les liens dans n'importe quelle arborescence.
  3. Hello, i'm really happy if it can help, i like verry much and always this wiki. I often find empty entries bout setting/save folder directories/registry entries, so i want to share this list. It consists of .lnk files (so DIR can be viewed directly in Explorer statut bar, or proprieties, or better to use a tool if exists, Nirsoft one looks only in Start menu !!!!). Each file is in a folder named according to the game's name. If game uses registry, instead .lnk it's a .txt (empty #Setting/save=reg.txt), so referring to the "#Setting=reg - = - ALL.reg" file premits t
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