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  1. oh, i dont have any prob opening the trainer. It just wont do anything after its open 😞
  2. did you just add file as exeception or turn off defender? Can I just use cheat engine to doit? if so what do I search if you dont mind me asking.
  3. it wont let me upload just the exe so i put it in a rar here. I hit F9 on this keyboard test and it works.. I also tested F9 in outlook to send/recieve mail and it worked there too. New WinRAR archive.rar
  4. When I press F3 or 4 I see the wording on the tool highlight green. When I hit F9 it does not. Also the Current field of view is blank. When I first start it it has something written there for a split second before it dispears. Also turned off UAC, updated drivers and restarted again.
  5. Keys are work'n, tested on keyboard and onscreen board. Only AV is windows defender and it's completely off. Is there any enviorments that need installed? Also restarted pc a couple times. Does it matter if I'm using a 6900x? TheAscent.exe
  6. I can't seem to get this to work. Using Ody G9 5120x1440, borderless. Ran game, then ran tool. But no response from hitting the hotkeys. Anti virus is off and also tried running as admin. Also tried DX11 and 12
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