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  1. On 7/28/2021 at 3:15 PM, trinitylord9000 said:

    Hello, Steam006,

     Is the DLL injector safe? Will it affect my windows system 32 library or mess with any sensitive system files? I have little knowledge of DLL injectors, but do know that they're usually used to distribute malware or trojans. I am very skeptical of DLL injectors in general, but am willing to use this if you can give me some indication that it is safe and won't harm my system. Or that I can uninstall it safely if things don't work out. Just give me your word it won't harm my computer.

    Anyone else who can tell me would also be welcome, too. Thank you in advance, I appreciate it.

    I've been using the DLLInjector for over a year now, have not had any issues regarding malware/trojans. The file does set off a false positive from Windows Security though.

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