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  1. Yeah they definitely don't give a shit and they definitely should. Especially considering how much money many of them are making. Take wikipedia for example. They don't have a dark mode and they could absolutely afford it. Here's how much they've made from fundraising. They have to spend a certain percentage of that money or they can't justify having it. That's why every year, they spend more and more money, in such blatantly questionable ways or there's no point in it. But even with all of that frivolous spending, they still won't pay for a dark mode. I wouldn't even s
  2. Yep, you definitely said it before. You also said it's for Chrome. Regardless, a lot of browser extensions that aim to resolve this issue either target only specific sites, or target all sites globally and end up making them all look like trash. So we have to rely on something that's tailor made, or we're left with something that either looks like a mess or blinds us. Sure, we could install browser extensions, we could turn the brightness way down on our monitors, we could put on some sunglasses, or we could simply stop using the site. But the point is end users shouldn
  3. It's weird. I thought PCGW already had a dark theme but I couldn't find it. So I googled it and google took me here. So I guess it never had one? Then what site was I thinking of...? Yes. PCGW needs a dark theme. I can't believe dark themes are still an afterthought for GUI designers in 2021. ↓ Me using the internet in 2021. ↓ ↑ Me using the internet in 2005. ↑
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