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  1. Hey guys, i am new here. I am wondering about why some games never get a PC release.


    I know that companies like Sony or Nintendo want to encourage users to purchase their consoles. Therefore, they make high-quality exclusive games. And that's perfectly understandable! Of course, they want to maximize profits. I am not trying to say they should do something that is not in line with their business model.


    But why would a third party company ever decide not to release their games on PC? Of course, there are some third party exclusives that only ever appear on a specific console. As an example, Metal Gear Solid 4 is only for PS3. I assume that the publisher of the game gets paid a nice fat sum in that case. However, there are many titles which have been released on multiple consoles, but never on PC. Examples would include Red Dead Redemption or Metal Gear Solid 3 (though in that case, the Xbox version appeared years after the game had been released on PS2).


    I wonder - why would a company never release a game on PC, if it's already on multiple consoles (in which case i doubt they are being paid)?


    That was a great pain in the A for me regarding the Metal Gear Solid series. I love that franchise, but unfortunately, only a couple of the games in the series have been released on PC. Therefore, i had to buy the Legacy Collection for PS3 to even play Metal Gear Solid 3, 4, Peace Walker, and Metal Gear 2. I hadn't used the PS3 for some half a decade. It's pretty confusing for me, since all of those games (except for 4) have been released on Microsoft consoles, but none of them is on PC. Which is even more strange, since the original Metal Gear 2 was made for MSX. which is basically an ancient PC.


    Why is it that Konami would never release one of their games on PC? If Metal Gear Solid 3 appeared on PC, without any major bugs/shortcomings, with support for high resolutions (and preferably also high framerates), achievements, support for both k+m and controllers, i would buy it straight away. That's basically free money for Konami.


    Why wouldn't they ever release their games on PC? Konami is just an example. 


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