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  1. So simple, I didn't realize Steamless was making new files in the directory. Although the patcher didn't see multiple .exe's in the browse window; i.e. it couldn't tell the difference between DarkAlliance-Win64-Shipping.exe and DarkAlliance-Win64-Shipping.exe.patched.exe (multiple periods confused it and it only showed the one file to choose). Once I explored to the directory it was all really obvious.
  2. Can't seem to get it working 😞 Steam version, so downloaded the "other stores".exe and used Steamless.v3.0.0.11. Steamless targeted C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkAlliance\WindowsNoEditor\CotH\Binaries\Win64\DarkAlliance-Win64-Shipping.exe and (in theory) runs successfully. It goes down and unpacks blah blah using variant 3.1..-> unpacked file saved to disk, saved as ^. successfully unpacked (so it says). Next used the Dark alliance - other stores.exe, targeted the same file as above. Patching progress bar goes across, then pop up says: Process succe
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