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  1. For anyone still interested in trying to get this to work, which obviously doesn't include the actual author of the mod, I got this to work briefly by running "FiveM_b2189_GTAProcess.exe" from the appdata location which opened FiveM. However, I can't seen to run it anymore, even after uninstalling and re-installing both Flawless Widescreen and FiveM.
  2. Where did you find: "FiveM_b2189_GTAProcess.exe"? I haven't tried this yet.
  3. Rose, I've given that a go, still not working but something has happened; now when I check 'Fix Enabled' it only says 'Configuring...' for a fraction of a second, whereas prior it would hang for a good 5 seconds, if that's any use. Currently my .lua file reads: Process_EXEName = "FiveM.exe;GTA5.exe;FiveM_GTAProcess.exe;".
  4. Cheers for the suggestions Keystone, unfortunately it hasn't worked, I've tried changing Process_EXEName to "FiveM.exe", "FiveM_GTAProcess.exe", "FiveM_ChromeBrowser.exe", and "FiveM_SteamChild.exe". I'm sure with some fiddling we can figure something out between us.
  5. Still getting the same issue, I followed these instructions to the letter.
  6. I'm trying to use this with FiveM, but I'm getting the error: "Could not find FP_FOVFix injection point". I have followed the tutorials precisely. Do you know what's going wrong? I'd really appreciate if we could get this working. I'm using the (updated) version of the mod and I have changed the contents of the .lua file as the mod is injecting into FiveM.exe rather than GTA.exe
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