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  1. 40 downloads

    [EN] This is the extracted official Polish translation for 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' and its expansion 'Justine'. Tested only with the EGS version of the game, but it will have to work any other version of the game (Steam, etc.). I also translated some text from the new version of the game, and included the fan made dub made by the group BDiP, which sadly skipped some voice lines, if you don't want it don't replace the sounds folder and go to config\lang_main and in polish.lang change <Directory Path="lang/pol" /> to <Directory Path="lang/eng" />, it will also change the game l
  2. Wierd that the new version isn't available anywhere else, thanks. Weapon patch is for mods, and you must have done something wrong since it doesn't crash when installed correctly.
  3. 14 downloads

    [EN] This is a polish translation for Hitman: Codename 47. It's better from the one on the site because it allows you to run the setup launcher without having to install it again. [PL] To jest spolszczenie do gry Hitman: Kryptonim C47. Jest lepsze od innego na stronie ponieważ pozwala ci uruchomić konfigurator bez instalowania spolszczenia od nowa.
  4. Whenever I try to unpack this I get an error 0x80004005, even redownloading doesn't help.
  5. Version 1.0


    A pack of fixes for the GOG version of dark forces taken from the essential improvements section for this game, I recommend installing it before using the custom launcher. the included things are: DOSBox cofiguration file tweaks Gravis ultrasound driver pack for DOSBox - I don't know who created it, the oldest source I could find was here. fixed gravis files - tsyu Gear-up cutscene - LucasArts missing cutscene patch - unknown DOS/32A - Narech K. If you want to have everything from this pack on the steam (and maybe origin) version follow this and this
  6. 18 downloads

    [EN] This is a Polish translation for Deus Ex, made by the Polish publisher, cenega. It was really hard to find this version, someone had to borrow it to me. [PL] Jest to spolszczenie dla Deus Exa, zrobione przez cenege. Bardzo ciężko było znaleźć tą wersje, ktoś mi ją musiał dopiero pożyczyć.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    These are the bonus maps that came included with my version of the game (and some claim to be lost), so I decided to upload them here.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Restores cut content of Max Payne. Read the provided ReadMe file for detailed instructions and its features. Credits: The Eddo, The_Silver
  9. Version 1.0.0


    An autohotkey script for The Suffering: Ties That Bind that adds hotkeys for numpad 4 and numpad 6, allowing to progress for those which can't use them. numpad4 is shift+4 and numpad6 is shift+6.
  10. thank you for putting an end to this blueballing.
  11. Can any admin verify the file?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    [EN] This is the polish translation for Dead Rising 2 which was included in the retail copies of the game, I got it from a magazine which included the game on steam and this patch, I just realized this today so I feel kind of like a dumbass now. It's made for the steam version, but should work with every copy. The installer is made with installshield setup launcher. [PL] To jest Polskie tłumaczenie dla Dead Rising 2 które było wliczane z wydaniem pudełkowym gry, wziąłem je z CD-action 04/2018, który miał grę w wersji steam i tego patcha, uświadomiłem to sobie dopiero dzisiaj i
  13. Version 1.3


    I compiled the most used fixes for the first two games, and decided to upload them here. To install them you need to unpack the files to the game folders and apply "sound fix.reg" (It might not be needed with this game, but other games could use it so I recommend it anyway) and optionally apply "all difficulties.reg" if you want every difficulty and game mode unlocked from the start. I also recommend the Max Payne Remastered mod for the first game here. Also, the file for the first game will probably get outdated once darkje will update his fix in 2022, so yeah. If you want to use DgVooDoo 2 y
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a polish retail only translation of DMC3 only on pc. They could work with the ps2 version, AND PLEASE, SOMEONE MAKE IT WORK WITH THE HD COLLECTION VERSION, I EVEN HAVE THE LINKS TO THE TOOLS WHICH ALLOW IT.
  15. Ask here: Issues · elishacloud/Silent-Hill-2-Enhancements (github.com) It's the official page for troubleshooting for the project.
  16. Recently I brought fallout 3 on retail, but after choosing gender the game freezes and I can only quit from the menu. I did try the multicore fix but it didn't work.
  17. Did you try using any of the fixes on this site or troubleshooting section on the site of EE? Sometimes the solutions on different problems can solve yours.
  18. Did you try to exactly reinstall the game and enhanced edition as they say on the site? And did you install anything else?
  19. Then what system are you using? Maybe that's the problem.
  20. Try asking on reddit or twitter.
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