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  1. Hey Rose, i was hoping you could help me out i wanted to play detroit become human but the application you  made does not boot up at all on my windows 11 dev insider build. could you help me out?


    perhaps you can tell me what hexes are and need editing?

    there is no error message and the program does not open at all. i have excluded it in virus scanners and dissabled it to double check but no luck

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    2. seandiaz


      Rose, Any idea what netlibraries it may need?


      if anything perhaps we could look into the issue via teamviewer to find a work around?

    3. Rose


      Sure, I could give it a look if you send me the login details via a PM. Just ensure that they are not permanent.

    4. seandiaz


      so sorry. did not see you had replied 🙂 out of no where the tool decided to open again after i tried it after a while. it works again 🙂

  2. well as per 27-10-2021 on windows 11 the patcher wont open at all anymore... just wanted to play again but well scrap that with a squared game... any help would be appriciated
  3. hi there! thank you for this amazing mod.. i wonder is anyone else experiencing loads of crashes with the tool running? it seems to happen randomly even while in main menu or if its minimized? any idea what could be doing i t?
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