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  1. Oops... I may be wrong. There was a debate around Haiku OS. https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/is-haiku-a-unix-like-os/8801/4 Nah, the term "Unix-like" is just too broad...
  2. FreeBSD OSes are not Linux - rather, they share some code base with research UNIX if my memory serves correctly, and may share more code base (kernel-wise) with macOS/OS X/Mac OS X (which is a certified commercial UNIX and is Darwin, a BSD "variant", plus proprietary components). Haiku OS is a BeOS clone, and there is no significant system component that share characteristics with UNIX/Unix-like/*nix systems; hence it is not a *nix system (and of course not a Linux system). Similar terms with ReactOS which is a Windows clone. Classic Mac OS in this wiki site should be from version 7.
  3. Thanks, that clears a bit of my question and concern. So any OSes or systems configured in a special way not listed on the wiki cannot be added at this time unless its ambiguity has been cleared by PM. But still it would be better to be a bit more detailed on this, if necessary.
  4. Not sure I'm the only one who asks this question, but I'm really curious that why the term "PC game" was not even defined, or couldn't be found anywhere in pcgamingwiki.com. So what exactly is a "PC game" in terms of this wiki, i.e. what kind of video games that could be documented here, and what cannot be? I thought this wiki is dedicated only to "IBM PC Compatible PCs and their successors", i.e. x86-16 and above architectures PCs that has a BIOS/EFI, but later I realized the wiki has a list of games with PowerPC, MIPS and ARM architecture "PCs" which clearly falls out of the above
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