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  1. I think thats not thread for this, but try changing encoding to NVIDIA NVENC H.264 + b-frames to 2.
  2. Well, there is dark theme for PCGW: https://uso.kkx.one/style/203783 I even linked it in pastebin link as an pre-release, now its completed.
  3. Its not only for Chrome, you can install it on Opera and Fierfox as well. Many companies don't give a shit about such simple thing as dark mode, even if it takes like 1 hour to make(it took me around ~40 minutes to do dark mode for the main site and forum). They did only one mode so why doing other? What matters is that it just works, and here is where community arrives. For example Google, they didn't make dark mode for they search engine(and most of their websites) on desktop(theres one for Android 10+, maybe IPhones as well idk about that), so community did it for them, and most of the
  4. Than, as I said before, I recommend using extension Stylus for the web browser. You can find dark themes there for most sites, even custom background themes. Also you may check out userstyles.world, they have database of stylesheets for variety of websites.
  5. As you can see background for it is in html. You can just double click it, copy it and do something like this in CSS: [style="background-color: rgb(245, 245, 245);"] { background: #333 !important; } It must be with !important at the end or it won't work, it needs to be overwritten.
  6. Tought <code> would have an iframe or something, but it dosen't. Changed it for pastebin link
  7. https://pastebin.com/BTJQL94w Here you go, you need extension Stylus for the browser. If youre using Opera/GX you need also "Install Chrome Extensions" and than you install it from chrome store. Here are some pics how it looks:
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