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  1. It's a big ask, but could we see individual FOV values for Aiming/not aiming/hipfire (Similar to your GTAV FWS plugin?)
  2. AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM Application Data\data\cache\subprocess
  3. I too have continued to drag my face across the proverbial asphalt, my .lua is as follows. No new results.
  4. Welcome to my own personal Hell, I've been picking at this particular issue for QUITE some time now. The only PARTIAL solution is really not that much of a solution at all. To use the plugin on FiveM, you need the entire namesake of the server you're joining, as FiveM sets the process window name to that full title. The problem becomes that server names are very long and/or use emoji or other odd characters. So to get the full string, you need to (open Task Manager while connected to the server you want to play) -> (Expand FiveM process and right click the subprocess with the ful
  5. big fan of your plugin for GTA5 but I simply MUST know how it works. It states it is a "memory hack" what memory / file does it reference for the field of view values? I'm SUPER curious if in a similar vein this could be used to modify other viewmodel values found in weapons.meta (position of the hands) :)))
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