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  1. I like the idea of having information about multiplayer listed for each game, perhaps done similarly to the way that the various Settings tables are currently done. What type of multiplayer is included or not included could obviously be listed, such as offline, online, LAN, and mixed where you can play online with multiple local players. You could also include information about whether each type of multiplayer supports competitive or cooperative modes, and if the local multiplayer is split-screen or shared-screen. Overall I think this would make a good addition. EDIT: By the way, is it approp
  2. It's true that this doesn't relate to fixing games, and like you said that's the primary goal of the wiki so I guess the links really shouldn't be there. I had thought that expanding the scope of the wiki to include more information would be a good thing, but it is true that doing so could easily lead to it being clogged with unnecessary or unwanted information. I do think that How Long To Beat is a very useful resource, especially to PC gamers since we're known to end up having rather extensive backlogs, but of course being useful and being relevant are entirely different things. If the decis
  3. After seeing me manually add links to How Long To Beat for various games in their "General Information" sections, Nicereddy messaged me suggesting that adding the links could be automated using the infobox since each page has a SteamID attached according to him. I don't know anything about doing that, so as he also suggested I'm making this thread for it. How Long To Beat is a website where people can submit their completion times for games, and includes multiple levels of completion for each game, such as "Main Story", "Main Story + Extras", and "Completionists". The averages are then used t
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