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  1. Setting game into win 7 comp. mode solved my issue. Thx!
  2. I’ve got a windows 10 tablet with high resolution, problem is that some old games (titan quest, supreme commander) won’t display cursor in full screen when scaling is turned on. So I have to switch scaling off or play in window mode. That’s not good. Any general solution?
  3. When i lower resolution i see obvious cubics like in video files when you apply sharpening filter and it boost visibility of encoder blocks. Any way do disable such thing? Playing in my native resolution is not an options case low fps.
  4. Yes, that's right. Forcing Global Lightning means worse quality of lightning. That's why its off by default.
  5. Well, under win 10 everything looks ok...
  6. You case is different, its simple v-sync bug. Force vsync in drivers. If you are on optimus, force your game to work on nvidia.
  7. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/BioShock Hi, can anyone explain me what does that mean? Any screenshot example how it should look like and how it looks on windows 8? I want to check it under windows 10 (TH)
  8. Just a quick note, i've installed Win 8 and i can confirm that old games work perfectly there, no flickering.
  9. I was wrong, this thing forced RS to work in software mode, and that's why it wasn't flickering. So ddwrapper didn't help me at all, we are back at the begining :)
  10. http://bitpatch.com/ddwrapper.html This thing made Rainbow Six not to flicker, but game crashes when 3d is loading... We are on the right way i suppose? Its DirectDraw issue? Maybe little bit strange question, but what happened from 2000 to nowdays that DX 6-7 not working properly? And what about DX 8?
  11. I’m on very specific topic here :) In PC Gaming WIKI i read about problems with Red Faction Guerilla (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Red_Faction:_Guerrilla): “Some modern computers running in DirectX 10 mode may experience an issue with the Sun and other light sources being visible through the terrain and solid objects†And then there is a solution: “The issue has also been reported to be permanently fixed by uninstalling the Windows update "kb2670838" to Internet Explorer 10†Guys, can you tell me more about this update? I don’t think ms intentionally broke smth, m
  12. Ye, i'm using gog.com versions. Since i've got a friend with same laptop but on w8 and all is ok, i think its smth in my system that brakes the game. I'm trying to find it.
  13. No i didn't i'm trying to solve this issue without windowed mode cause it sucks :( And NOLF is 32bit game, well it looks like 32 in options. Ye on Intel it works ok, but i'm interested in nvidia :) Thx for info about windows 8! check your pm please :)
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