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  1. No, it's not. SH2 runs on the same engine and the shadows are fine. Also, I doubt the original PS2 version has this bug. It's clearly a PC-specific "feature", and as proven by SH2EE, it's possible to have better soft shadows than even the original console versions.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with that image.
  3. Can you at least do something about shadows glitching out like this?
  4. I have "WindowedMode = 0" and "Borderless = 0" but I think the game is still launching in borderless fullscreen as GSYNC works only when I set it to "Enable for windowed and fullscreen mode" and it doesn't work when set to "Enable for fullscreen mode". EDIT: Nvm, I figured you need to set DisableMaximizedWindowedMode = 1, which should be the default imo.
  5. Yes, American is on 5 CDs while European is on 1 DVD, I don't know if they use different executables. Which one are you using?
  6. That's a bummer 😞 One more question, does your fix work with both American and European versions?
  7. Is there any chance you can restore missing PS2 costumes?
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