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  1. so for some reason this game's port will not allow for certain movies and events ingame to be played thus resulting in a black screen. this isn't for every movie and event but for a handful. to get around this for the time being is to skip the scene by pressing spacebar or start and completing the episode normally then go to the beli shop and buy all the movies then you can view them in the gallery. a steam post said you can view the movie after viewing it from the gallery but i just tried it and that didn't work. very odd.
  2. So I was on chapter 3 episode 2 and right after i beat lucci, the game sent me to a black screen and the game locked. did this again, same thing. I went on the steam forums and apparently if you remove the EVENT and MOVIE folder and move it out of the folder, the next time you play, you wont get movies and moving cutscenes but you will be able to progress past these screens https://steamcommunity.com/app/331600/discussions/0/517142892068459776/ what I would like to know is if there's another way to get around this black screens people are having issues with. the only thing i can think of is download a trainer and set the speed to 0.1 right before the transition. this worked with a recent omega force game, persona 5 strikers (i tested using the leaked denvoless steam branch) right after the kyoto boss. i don't know if that'll happen each time you decide to play that game but it is a slight inconvenience. i have not yet tried pw3 with a trainer yet so i don't know if that works. so the only fix for this is removing 2 core folders that make up the game out of the folder thus removing some of the experience. I just want to know if anyone knows or wants to make a fan patch/.bat file that fixes these issues. from what it seems the game can be easily modded through .bat files if that xbox button prompt mod is of any indication.
  3. hello i created a stub page for a game that came out last year called mechstermination force. as i have little knowledge of how to edit pages beyond editing simple true/false templates, it's still bare. I am making this to make people aware that this page exists https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Mechstermination_Force and editors would be helpful. the game's developer is horberg productions and i made a developer page for them here https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Company:H%C3%B6rberg_Productions i hope these kinds of posts are fine, just wanna give a heads up
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