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  1. nah? okay... on moddb, you mentioned a discord, could you link that atleast?
  2. okay well you can't see the gameplay but you can hear it. i am using nglide and it's working great but as you can hear, the menu's go completley haywire and it's hard to select anything when the menus are going 100 mph. i get into gameplay and i walk foward without touching anything and my camera spins around indefinitley. also, the music is not playing. the txt file only found one track but even before when it found all 13, music still wasn't playing . look, if you wanna dm me an exact copy of your game folder down to the music, i can verify if that one works or if this is just gr
  3. also, this is what happens when you change the dpi settings on the .exe. this also happens when you do other stuff.
  4. also, this is what happens when you alt tab/ windows key then go back in the game
  5. okay so the .exe works and the game starts but the mouse goes completely spastic in the menus and ingame. reopening the game doesn't fix this, you open the game, the mouse goes haywire. but it does finally work, kudos. now im try to do the muisic thing, when i download the spmusicdlls you linked, they come in libogg-0.dll, lbvorbis-0.dll, lbvorbisfile-3.dll and winnmm.dll. i'm guessing i will get the actual tracks once i convert these with audacity?
  6. cool man i just gotta wait for my friend on discord to send me the game files since the installer doesn't work. will try once he gets back. you're a life saver dude
  7. so rename all the tracks to .ogg and put them in the main game folder basically?
  8. thank you so much dude. gonna try it now. i could not for the life of me get this game to work and when i saw friends playing it on windows 11 of all things, i just gave up.
  9. figured it had something to do with my system locale, it wasn't.
  10. I have tried everything. i followed everything on the wiki, didn't work. i tried installing it from the cd, it will not let me install from the installer, nothing happens so i installed it on my win 98 vm and brought the files over to windows 10. after that i renamed the exe to "southpark3", patched it, didn't run. i tried nglide and vgvoodoo , nada. a friend on discord installed it on windows 11 fine and it plays fine, even sent me a video. he gave me his install through dropbox with everything already done. i click the exe, it enters a black screen for longer this time (4 seconds, farthest i
  11. so for some reason this game's port will not allow for certain movies and events ingame to be played thus resulting in a black screen. this isn't for every movie and event but for a handful. to get around this for the time being is to skip the scene by pressing spacebar or start and completing the episode normally then go to the beli shop and buy all the movies then you can view them in the gallery. a steam post said you can view the movie after viewing it from the gallery but i just tried it and that didn't work. very odd.
  12. So I was on chapter 3 episode 2 and right after i beat lucci, the game sent me to a black screen and the game locked. did this again, same thing. I went on the steam forums and apparently if you remove the EVENT and MOVIE folder and move it out of the folder, the next time you play, you wont get movies and moving cutscenes but you will be able to progress past these screens https://steamcommunity.com/app/331600/discussions/0/517142892068459776/ what I would like to know is if there's another way to get around this black screens people are having issues with. the only thing i can th
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