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  1. Not the information I'm talking about. What files? What time stamps? Either way, those are rethorical questions. I'm just saying it's not cool to claim you have discerned the truth and debunked falsities that frivolously. It's really a science, and there are experts employed by law enforcement all over the world to handle such questions. Personally I don't really care who is right in the referred to conflict. But to scoff at people taking sides by taking sides yourself, which is what you're doing if you trust your evidence too blindly, doesn't represent truth. Like I said, Rose may or may not be right. But the post comes of as being right and truthful, and that's misleading.
  2. Not really. Did you really debunk that the version of the game is old? You do not specify which files are the "important files" that you have examined. Neither do you clarify your process of examining said files, such as which timestamps you are looking at, and what they show. You're basically just asking everyone to take your word for it. (On a related note I would dissuade anyone from digging to deep as the EULA for the game clearly states: "You shall not to or permit anyone else to, directly or indirectly conduct the following operations with regard to the Product: (iv) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or structure, sequence and organization of the Product;")
  3. I said "may". A court of law has to decide before we know. I am way too aware of how timestamps can trick you to assume anything just by looking at them.
  4. I argue that boasting about having found the truth is not a good idea in an ongoing legal case. While some of your points about the games are supported by Frogwares your original post comes off as invalidating some of the fears voiced by others, such as fans, while some of those points are supported by Frogwares. Someone who doesn't know exactly how timestamps work and how extract them in a forensically sound way might assume that you are invalidating everything across the board, while in reality you may have some things right and others not. While I applaud your attempt to find the truth it's premature to claim that you have. A court of law will investigate the evidence provided by both parties and compare with the contract. Then we will know the truth. Before that you may have leads, or even potential evidence. Nothing more.
  5. It's very interesting to see how you're talking about truths after looking through some game files, while the truth is seldom that easy to come by and I'm talking from the perspective of a DFIR expert. Before a court of law has decided what is true in this case you throwing around such terms is just as bad mouthing as the review bombing on steam. Get off your high horse. Here's a more detailed account from Frogwares that shows what is different and how they believe Nacon hacked the copy of the game they put on Steam: https://youtu.be/VYTSt5oOr5g I'm not saying this is the whole truth but I am telling you "checking some game files" is pretty damn poor forensic work.
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