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  1. yes you're right. i have added a message, see the Image above. have a nice weekend
  2. which FIX? my fix and if it's so: can you let me know which Resolution. thanks
  3. have some of you ever checked the exe at Virus Total? Aware VirusTotal Scan by ROSE: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e89e5b81081de333ff3b6fe0ff023f5bcbb31529bba1a8dc62658bc76d0aa947/detection i have programmed a new Fix that not manipulate the game while the runtime The Widescreen Fix for the Steam Version, not tested with Epic Store Release... maybe it work too. The Fix detects your nativ Monitor (0) Screen Resolution and highlight it automatically in the Aspect Ratio List before you add the Aspect Ratio Fix, the Tool create a backup from your o
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