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  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Config file for Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard, modified to run DirectX 11 renderer.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    Patch for Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard. Original patch notes:
  3. Exactly. Other than that Flawless widescreen still has some fixes for it.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Fix for some post processing effects being rendered incorrectly in You are Empty based.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    2 patches for Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure mirrored from The Patches Scrolls. 1.0.2 for French version of the game 1.0.3 for English version of the game
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A set of patches mirrored from BlueByte's FTP split into 2 directories, one for English release and other for German one.
  7. I am against the idea of moving Skip intros anywhere else.
  8. Good point... still, not liking putting it in Availability - section has a bit of a tendency of getting heavy with content already, especially if multiple DRMs are used or retail releases have different protection methods.
  9. The reason why I don't like putting it in Availability is that, many of those will be repeated, because there is generally a dominat distribution platform. Reworking cloud to something more general that lists both makes more sense to me, cause the repetition is gone automatically this way, most of those platforms do handle Cloud (and those which don't, should finally implement the freakin' thing, cause it's 2020 - if we are forced to use them, let this at least come with benefits and not just downsides) and finally we generally don't put many notes in Save Cloud fields anyway. Question then remains however, how, how to approach older titles like Mass Effect that handled them in-game... which for me, a note would be good enough.
  10. Actually I think there would be "enough" titles to justify existence of such element on our pages - same games like let's Witcher 2, Knights of old Republic 2 still don't feature achievements on GOG, but they do on Steam. Similarly, it looks like there is going to be a period when Saints Row 2 will feature achievements on Steam, before GOG version gets updated, as developer stated they are focusing on that and update for other platforms might come later. I really don't see a reason why we shouldn't do this for achievements, if we already have very similar situation for Save could with identical results as well.
  11. 1. Infobox would be one place, but you can't mention it per platform there. 2. While the idea for a box in Availability isn't too bad, I don't think it is a place. 3. Categories if anything would be something done automatically when stating it in other sections, but I do believe if we get around to listing which games have them and which not, a better way will be just properties (just like we do pretty much with everything else that is true/hackable/false/limited). 4. Again don't think it's big enough to justify having a separate section, however... maybe a good idea would be to reworking Save game cloud syncing to something more general, where both options could be stated (whatever the game has cloud saves and whatever it supports achievements)... would also put a tiny bit of pressure for EGS to finally implement the freakin' thing (not like we are anywhere big enough for them to notice).
  12. I like the idea, but for now I am trouble figuring out how would be do it, without drastically extending pages.
  13. Yeah, I had the same with Red Faction 2, except - new patch is not increasing FOV, the game scaling is just like my old widescreen hack Vert-, except my old hack didn't cause any issues with terrain rendering, so it must be something new they added - might be some functions they patched they assumed were for UI scaling, but values were used more broadly (possibly something like reading a variable embedded in a structure and they just overrode the way such variables are being loaded - would potentially explain why there are some reports of sensitivity being lower in vehicles as well). But then, that'd still imply they don't have a source code and whilst the functions and calls are utter mess in new executable, many changes seem to actually point that they do and just didn't do a clean release build. It would also be surprising to see them restore online functionality with just partial disassembly.
  14. -- Update (June 15,2020) -- A patch numbered was released and with it an issue of terrain rendering was again fixed. It also came with additional fixes related to potential crashes that occurred while loading maps (most often reported when loading maps Naboo and Genosis). And so, with issues fixed, all seems this is now objectively the best available version of the game. -- Original story-- Today (May 1, 2020) both GOG and Steam versions of original Star Wars: Battlefront (not the EA's one) got updated to a version numbered simply as 1.3.5 (4). While the switch from long dead Gamespy to GOG Galaxy is very much appreciated, it's not the only change made. New patch also adds French, Italian, German, Spanish languages to choose from and improves audio using OpenAL. Finally the patch also reworks widescreen support, as the previous "hack" introduced on July 10, 2019 was quite questionable at best (something I wrote about on my GitHub blog). While not mentioned in patch notes, it seems steps were taken to negate issues with vehicle physics glitching out when running the game above 60fps - but a more in-depth testing is required. So far, so good, right? Well - not really. As it turns out, while some of the new scaling behaviours are indeed good (especially when it comes to menus) , they seemed to have unintentionally broken the draw distance. Here are some examples: Tatooine: Scroll to zoom Hoth: Scroll to zoom Scroll to zoom From a limited testing I've done, some maps don't seem to exhibit issues with draw distance, but it's curious nevertheless this hasn't been caught before release. If I were to guess, it might as well turn out that one of the changes made now multiplies (by values lower than 1) or divides LOD of terrain, here is what happens if you set minimum LOD in game settings: Scroll to zoom Normally this terrain is visible (although the draw distance is still noticeable shorter than on identical settings on version 1.2 of the game). Either way, let's just hope this time, the patch fixing it will take less than 9+ months to be released. Note: For screenshots my old widescreen fix was used to provide the same 16:9 aspect ratio as with new 1.3.5 patch.
  15. It can also bring every existing card to its knees if used on bigger scale as Minecraft RTX proves, where even with insane optimisations and upscaling to 1080p from lower resolution using DLSS 2.0, RTX 2080 barely manages to keep itself above 60fps (rendering natively it gets crushed with average FPS being 50 and min 99th precintile being 38). So yeah, we're most likely looking at another limited use of raytracing - my guess is reflections and maybe some sort of additional enhancements to Crytek's global illumination. Anything above it seems already heavy for RTX accelerated raytraying with something at complexity of Crysis and already pretty much near impossible to achieve with Crytek's hardware agnostic RT.
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