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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Compatibility profile to run Star Trek Generations on modern systems. Simply launch SDB-Drag-And-Drop.exe and click install to add them to compatibility database.
  2. I wouldn't mind basic tricks like edit registry or ini, but if it requires modifying exe's etc. then, hell no. I think that's all.
  3. A 100 million less users potentially affected than Epic's exploit. It's fiiiine. (not it's not)
  4. I just like how safely Epic puts themselves. Might be our fault, but you can't prove it that the few hundred $ of micro that we charged you wasn't just your fault. Fek, off.
  5. I'd drop support for any game, even Half-Life 3 if it went Epic Store exclusive. Sadly didn't preorder this, so I can't refund 😎
  6. ESA Marathon, which stands for European Speedrunner Assembly (not to be confused with European Space Agency, which shares the same abbreviation) is an annual speedrunning event organised by European speedrunners in a similar vain as USA based GDQ (Games Done Quick), which had its 8th iteration started yesterday. Marathon is generally described as more speedrunner friendly version of GDQ, due to its lighter requirements for participants in regards to language on stream and games accepted. Just like year ago, marathon is divided into 2 streams - Stream One, which is scheduled to be online for entire duration of the event and Stream Two, which generally is online between 10:00am and 1:00am. Schedules for which you can find either on ESA main website or Horaro (Stream One / Stream Two). This year, donations gathered during the marathon are being donated to Swedish Alzheimer Foundation. Streams can be watched at: and Personally, I have put a bit of effort in preperation of some of the games you'll see during Awful Games block and of course Asghan: The Dragon Slayer, so make sure to check out those 😉 --Sui
  7. In a sense, yes. Asghan: The Dragon Slayer has real compatibility issues nowadays, so I was hoping Havrd with it to set up a virtual machine using Windows XP to get it running. It is technically possible to get it running on Windows 7 and 10 using dgVoodoo and SDB profiles, but Havrd was insisting on stability first and so we ended up settling on VM in the end to make sure the game crashes as little as possibile. To be more specific, it involves a VM with 3D acceleration, but still using nGlide on it to wrap Glide API to Direct3D9, which can be handled fast by VM we are using. The game itself support Direct3D6 if I remember correctly, but it was causing too many issues to be worth solving, even with VM.
  8. Suicide machine


  9. Version 1.0.0


    Fan translation by Sam J. With the assistance and vocal talents of: Luchian D. Jillian Anitova Bob Nomad More info at: http://www.devisraad.com/savitar/
  10. Suicide machine

    Alone in the Dark - Resolution crash fix

    Version 1.1.0


    Crash fix for Alone in the Dark (2008).
  11. Suicide machine

    Dead Reefs - Compatibility Package

    Version 1.03


    A compatibility package, which should solve problems with game freezing on startup.
  12. Suicide machine

    Dead Reefs - Sui's Fix

    Version 1.0.0


    Simple hack to enable widescreen mode and windowed mode in Dead Reefs (designed for 49.152kb exe)
  13. Suicide machine

    Sound and Windows 10

    ZZZzzZZZzzzZZzzzzzzz Just let Windows 7 die in peace with it having pretty much a killdate set up... since it's pretty much the only way Microsoft can "convince" people nowadays. Even if it's all true, difference is really not that "huge" and making a note "upgrade to Windows 10" is not a solution, either.
  14. Version


    The patch is available in the following languages: English (EN) German (DE) It is recommended to install this patch after updating the game to version 112100 / retail patch. It fixes the following problems: Application will not start. It exits as soon as it is run with no errors or warnings. Application will not detect or display the Direct3D video driver as a valid video option at startup. Joystick buttons cannot be bounded. In addition to the main retail patch we have also issued a smaller code-only patch that deals with some specific issues.
  15. Suicide machine

    The Thing - Sui's wrapper



    Wrapper for 1.2 version of The Thing, that simplifies widescreen fixes, allows to run the game in windowed mode and configure FOV.
  16. Suicide machine

    Bloodline - Sui's Fix



    A basic fix for the awful window handling in Bloodline (2004/2005 Czech video game), which essentially was bugging out explorer.exe. Also added added an ability to override aspect ratio for camera.
  17. Suicide machine

    The Thing - Bump Maps



    A collection of auto-generated bumps maps to be used with The Thing.
  18. Suicide machine

    Emergency 4 - Sui's Wrapper



    A wrapper for Emergency 4 allowing easy access to windowed mode, skipping intros etc. Tested only with 911: First Responders Steam version of the game.
  19. Version


    Unofficial port of 1.03 patch to English version. Mirrored from http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/file/278-emergency-3-patch-13-uk/
  20. Suicide machine

    Prism: Guard Shield - Sui's Tool



    A basic tool developed by SuicideMachine for correcting the game's aspect ratio and modifying game's FOV.
  21. Version


    Exported registry files normally created by the game's installed.
  22. Suicide machine

    Starship Troopers - FOV Changer



    A simple program for modifying bytes responsible for default FOV in Starship Troopers.
  23. Since, I just got "corrected", I think it'd be a nice time to bring another matter - forcing settings from a level of graphics drivers. At the moment, if there is a case, where some setting can be forced from the level of graphical drivers (namely Vsync, Anisotropic Filtering or Anti-aliasing), most of pages tend to mark it as hackable. There are however also pages, that mark it as false - which, is actually what I personally prefer. However, as much as I like marking them as false (yup!), I feel like this is something we need to standardize. I'm not sure, if this is something that requires a poll - depends. So, if a setting can be forced from the graphics drivers panel, should it be hackable or false? Why? Whatever the result is - this leads me to a second problem. We should have a page with screenshots of Graphical Drivers Panels (Intel, AMD and nVidia) - unless we have something like this, already - in which case, I can't find it. Anyway, knowing how much less reliable forcing settings Catalyst Panel is, comparing to Nvidia's Control Panel - we should have informations about alternatives like RadeonPro in that page. Then we could (and should) make links from every note that states it can be forced from graphical drivers panel to such page. Answering my questions and why I'd prefer false? Mainly because nearly every game can have these settings forced - which gives us a lot of hackable (not a very good reason, I know). And if a setting can be forced from a level of graphics drivers - one may ask, then what's the point in writing about how to edit config files of a game or enable a console and type something in it, etc. if most often than not - these solutions are more complicated than simply forcing one setting. Yes, I've seen multiple times on a forum of Thief, System Shock 2 and Dark Souls - how forced settings cause problems, but that won't stop anyone from trying them anyway. So my thought about it, would be to mark them as false and state in notes they can be forced from a level of graphics drivers. If not - hackable and same note will do.
  24. Suicide machine

    List of PCGW issues

    Added an override, so the Lists should now be above Summery text box.
  25. Version


    Mirrored from LegendsWorld.