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  1. Cool eyes :D Source: Elder Geek.
  2. From the album: Article and forum images

    Source: Elder Geek.
  3. From the album: Article and forum images

    Source: Elder Geek.
  4. Version 9.3


    Unofficial Patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Mirrored from Patches-Scrolls.
  5. Version


    Official 1.2 patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Fixes: • Fixed C++ Runtime error on launch of the game due to older versions of Python interpreter. • Fixed Invalid dialog responses due to older versions of Python interpreter. • Fixed problem where keys and keycards may disappear from player’s inventory. • Fixed problem where binding either Enter or Right Mouse Button to the Use key would cause the inventory window to immediately close after opening. These bindings are now no longer permitted. • Added “Inventory Full – Items Dropped†message when player receives items beyond the inventory limit and added inspection particles to the dropped items. This addresses the issue with cameras being lost in the “Model Citizen quest. • Fixed problem where a player would have both the vampire and warform models stuck together when both Fortitude and Protean (level 5) are activated. • Fixed crash to desktop when the player returns to the boat after rescuing Johansen from the Society of Leopold. • Fixed problem where the newspaper would report success in the “Model Citizen†quest even though the player had failed it. • Fixed problem where the player can log on to the Theater computer before receiving the “Tangled Web†quest from Mitnick. • Fixed problem with haven mailboxes not receiving award for completing the food critic quest. quest. • Modified E dialog so that it is easier to receive the “Thinned Blood†quest. • Modified Regent dialog so that he now recognizes completion of the Gargoyle quest. • Modified Isaac dialog so that he now recognizes completion of the King’s Way and Gargoyle quests. IMPORTANT NOTES If you find that you are not accumulating experience points as you complete quests, this is because you have Auto-Level turned on and the game is automatically spending your experience points to improve your abilities and attributes. To disable Auto-Level, access the Character Sheet and click on the Auto-Level toggle button. Once you acquire a new haven, your Santa Monica haven computer and mailbox will no longer function. Use the computer and mailbox of your new haven instead. When you are playing a Nosferatu, your grotesque appearance prevents you from using the taxi that appears after you blow up the Sabbat warehouse. Nosferatu characters must travel between game hubs using the hub map found in the sewers.
  6. Suicide machine

    Any easy way to convert existing JPG image to PNG?

    I don't think there is an easy way of doing it. For a long time, I've been trying to push PNGs wherever possible (assuming I can get a better cover art), but I still don't think there is an easy way of replacing it for pages.
  7. Suicide machine

    KOTOR2 Squeezy patch

    From the album: Article and forum images

    A comparison between EXE file before and after patch. As it can be clearly seen - it only replaces 4 bytes overall.
  8. Suicide machine

    Issue with Kotor 2 widescreen

    OK, so - I tested a thing with my CD copy of the game. Squ1zZy 2.1 exe file is required, as it's the version working with his patch (probably because of the resolution values being stored at specific addressees). Still, I don't fully get, why both it and Uniws is required for that, since essentially, what Uniws does is replaces bytes with desired resolution value. I'm gonna try to see what exactly Squ1zZy_ResPatcher does. --EDIT-- OK, so I've placed his file and compare it with a hex editor with a file after changes. Here are the results. Basically his patcher replaces 2 bytes responsible for width and 2 bytes responsible for height - pretty normal stuff. Oddly enough the original values are for 800x600. This however raises more questions. Why do we need 2 patchers instead of one? To keep things straight. Since you brought the patches, first KOTOR and compatibility. Does the game start after you use Squ1zZy exe and his patch? If so - go to swkotor2.ini and edit Height= and Width= under [Graphics Options] section (although you can edit the ones under [Display Options] as well). If it requires setting up compatibility - that's odd, because 2.1 version works just fine without tinkering on Windows 7.
  9. Suicide machine

    Issue with Kotor 2 widescreen

    Are you running the game as administrator? Cause it may be an issue with UAC and virtualization of config file.
  10. Suicide machine

    Question related to the atiumdag.dll download

    Well turns up they screwed up something more with D3D9, when they added Mantle so I think it's post 13.12 (when they released 14.1). Cause I extracted a atiumdag.dll from 13.9 and that still fixes issues in The Typing of the Dead (plus it works on newer graphics cards, which is the whole reason why I tried doing that). But it may be that it's just Mantle update that screwed up Z-buffer in some of DirectX games (you can test it, the point is - either 12.8 or 13.9 dll files fix issues with some of the games).
  11. Suicide machine

    AMD/ATI atiumdag.dll (13.9)



    This is atiumdag.dll (and atiumd64.dll) file from 13.9 version of Catalyst Driver (64bit - Windows Vista / 7/ 8), which may fix some issues related to certain games (e.g. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill).
  12. Suicide machine

    Question related to the atiumdag.dll download

    Experiment. Cause I was surprised to see this older file improve performance slightly in Enter the Matrix, not to mention make Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Incoming playable (idk, what they screwed up with Direct3D and Zbuffer in 12.9).
  13. Suicide machine

    AMD/ATI atiumdag.dll (12.8)



    As many probably know, AMD/ATI graphics cards have problems with many older games. This dll file comes from a time, before these problems started really appearing (in 12.9 version of a driver). Simply download it and extract it to a folder, where the game's main executable file is.
  14. Suicide machine

    Aliens vs. Predator (2010) FOV Changer

    Version 1.0.2


    FOV changer for Aliens. vs. Predator (2010) made by Suicide Machine.
  15. Suicide machine

    Deus Ex The Fall FOV Changer

    Version 1.1.0


    FOV Changer made for Deus Ex: The Fall by SuicideMachine. Version 1.01 of the game is required.
  16. Suicide machine

    Editing guide

    As I said on IRC. It needs some rules related to cropping images. Aside from it: I'd write that PCGamingWiki doesn't support pirated version of the game. As such we don't provide information where the save files in cracked versions are being stored, how to solve issues specific to such versions, etc. (not entire thing - just to point out, not do add paths to a locations where saves and config files from cracked versions are being stored). Also - don't upload Save game cloud syncing - I'd mention, that true/false/unknown should only be present if the game is available on specified platform. Then give an example that is on a and as example point out a game which is available on some platform or via retail, but is not available on Steam. Cause some people have a tendency to write true/false/unknown for Steam Cloud, even if a game is not available on Steam. Vsync - point out, that Vsync works only in Fullscreen mode. High framerate - would be nice if people would point out not only if the game runs at high framerate, but if it's playable (because it's no use if the game can be rendered at higher framerate, but you can't play it like this -> Thief: Deadly Shadows). Input Settings - please, bold out options. Asynchronous multiplayer - I don't think the description is good enough. And sorry if I'm repeating something that was already said, but I really want to get back to playing games :P
  17. Suicide machine

    Homefront FOV changer

    Version 1.1.0


    FOV changer for Homefront (singleplayer).
  18. Suicide machine

    Legendary - FOV Changer

    Version 1.0.0


    This is an FOV changer, made by SuicideMachine.
  19. Suicide machine

    Quantum of Solace FOV and FPS unlocker

    Version 1.0.0


    FOV changer and FPS unlocker, made by SuicideMachine.
  20. Suicide machine

    PCGamingWiki turns 3 today

    Still not published? Anyway. Weeeeee. 3 years! So I missed it and I'm late to a party apparently. CRAP!
  21. Suicide machine

    Call of Duty Black Ops FOV Changer



    An FOV Changer for Call of Duty: Black Ops (Singleplayer), made by Suicide Machine.
  22. Suicide machine

    PC party game recommendations

    Ultrastar... obviously. Best game if you get yourself drunk.
  23. Suicide machine

    Deus Ex: The Fall FOV

  24. Suicide machine

    DXTF - 85

    From the album: Deus Ex: The Fall FOV

  25. Suicide machine

    DXTF - 60

    From the album: Deus Ex: The Fall FOV