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  1. 583 downloads

    This package fixes broken shadows in the game.
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  3. 247 downloads

    Changes: - Removes the 2000 limit on the 'viewdist' command line parameter. - Removes the zoom-out limit in the F9 view - Removes the zoom-in limit in the F9 view - Removes 100 ... 500 limit on FOV F12 command line parameter (250 is default). - Lengthened the vehicle popup distance so vehicles appear sooner. (NB CE must be set to high detail for this to work) - Fixed CE hanging intermittently upon exiting the torpedo boat. - Fixed Font scaling at higher resolutions so text does not overlap and it can be clearly read. - Similarly fixed the version display on the level load screen so it can be read at higher resolutions. - Show teammates "T" in the tab map - Fixed bug in the scripting function "REFGetPlayerInx(PlayerNr, Inx)" to allow it to handle undefined PlayerNr's
  4. 269 downloads

    This patch requires 1.41 version of a game. This patch was made to fix one major Codename Eagle multiplayer bug, the spontanious explosion bug, a.k.a. SEB.
  5. 148 downloads

    WARNING! This patch breaks singleplayer mode! This patch focuses mostly on adding features to a multiplayer mode. New Features 30 players in multiplayer! Battle chopper Two people on the motorbike! New CTF map "Fortress Teamchange command Suicide command Tweaking The zeppelin is faster but has a slower turning-speed. Planes have twice as much armor and their bullets do twice the damage. The AA-gun does more than twice the damage. Watch out! The fighter is a little bit faster. The bomber is a little bit slower. Hand grenades do real damage and has a larger damage radius. Gas is more lethal. Bugfixes Miscellaneous optimization tuning. Planes can now fire and drop bombs simultaneously. The zeppelin no longer looses its collission. The tank ammo-gathering bug is no more. Further fixes to prevent name-cheating. Planes now have the correct team skins.
  6. 172 downloads

    This patch contains only network enhancements and it does not feature any fixes. This patch is for Windows 2000/XP systems. Version 1.33 of a game is required!
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