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  1. Hello, can you give me the fileĀ Assembly-CSharp.dll from Ori and the blind forest ? I tried to make it run on my 32:9 but it doesnt work. Its still in 21:9. Maybe your file has some differences that makes the game work on 32:9.

  2. Can an admin move this to the WSGF section and also update this page with the fix for 32:9 ? https://www.wsgf.org/dr/spellforce-order-dawn/en
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Exe version for 32:9 aspect ratio(3840 x 1080) for SpellForce 1
  4. What did you changed in the exe file ? What Hex value ? I tried to find the hex value for aa 16:9 and change it with 32:9 but i didnt find it.
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