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  1. Here's 1.2.5 in the one area of the game I have found that still has FOV not as expected. If we get no better than this though, totally playable.
  2. Here is a save file for a scene with trainer 1.2 where at 48:9, the scene is clearly zoomed out well beyond intention. SaveGameData_1.sav
  3. I would do that in a heart beat. I don’t think this game is Rose’s style however.
  4. Wow, this game is a total showcase of what the community can do. It looks outstanding in super ultrawide. I have donated to both authors. Thanks so much! FYI, I will donate generously for a good Nioh 2 Super Ultrawide/triple monitor fix. My most anticipated game of this year. My favorite genre, hard core japanese melee action. Jackfuste's fix for the original was a serious labor of love. He kept improving it and improving it until it was nearly flawless. Centering of UI was essential for such a fast paced game. Miss that guy... hope he's ok and just moved on to oth
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