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  1. I started the game, then the ultrawide fix 1.2. When I have loaded a level I switch to widescreen with the F8 key and reload the level. after that, unfortunately, everything is no longer visible. I marked it in the two pictures. Here, for example, there would be 3 flower pots, but after the fix only 2 can be seen.
  2. Sooo V 1.2 tested;) Look better. You lose a bit of the picture, but that's probably due to the 5120x1440 resolution. Icons look very good! Thanks for your great work! Have again made 2 screens for comparison. Will test it out tonight;)
  3. With version 1.1 I lose almost 1/3 of the image because the FOV is apparently not set correctly. (5120x1440)
  4. Yes, unfortunately the icons have all disappeared when the fix is activated. But don't bother me because I don't really need them;) Screenshots in the attachment.
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