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  1. Sadly i downloaded all of them back and yet no difference
  2. Ive tried what you said and sadly still nothing has changed its still going off with the hacktool thing, if its possible could you run me through all the whole process and we can try get to the bottom to together on a discord call or something?, that would be very helpful if you could my discord tag is DenBe#2724 so if you can add me and ill notify you on there when i can call you thank you
  3. Hi, im having issues with flawless and i wondered if you could help, everytime i open flawless it says that i need to open GTA5 which i do and it then says in the status tab ( what i have shown in the picture below. Ive tried redownloading flawless,steam,GTA5 and still it says the same. I believe its to do with the location of my game but i really dont know, thanks for reading, denbe
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