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  1. Just Cause 4 Field of View mod

    You need to have Cheat Engine installed, then launch the game, open the table, attach it to the process and use the hotkeys:
    F4 - activate the mod
    F5 - reset FoV to default
    F6 - Increase FoV
    F7 - Decrease FoV
    F8 - Set FoV to default +30°
    Quick video to show the mod in action: https://streamable.com/2iosxc
    Known issues:
    If you set an offset too high or too low the camera will flip upside down, just press F5 to reset it.
    In-engine cutscenes are also affected, things that weren't supposed to be in the shot may behave oddly.
    Vehicle weapon crosshairs may be off-center (higher) when using higher FoV, just aim a bit higher than the actual target.




  2. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Field of View Mod

    I made this table to change the FoV while in-game, in realtime. 
    These hotkeys are defined:
    F4 - Activate the script
    F5 - Increase the FoV by 2.5 degrees
    F6 - Decrease the FoV by 2.5 degrees
    F7 - Reset FoV
    F8 - Set FoV to native +30 degrees
    You can choose between three versions: a no-script version, for which you need CE installed and to manually attach it to the ACAH process.
    A .exe standalone version (zipped, password: pcgw), this file will trigger false-positives with your antivirus, as most CE trainers do.
    Or you could re-create the standalone version by yourself with the script version.
    A black circle will appear at the borders of the screen when using FoV values higher than 95-100 (at least when using 16:9 resolutions).
    This mod affects all the cameras in the game: from the main menu background to the cutscenes, etc. etc..




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