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  1. I am terribly sorry about the delay. I am not sure what the cause of the problem is, so I'm going to guess; it could be an antivirus (likely Windows Defender) blocking the cheat engine process. Try installing Cheat Engine from the official site and using one of the .ct files here, make sure the antivirus is not interfering (whitelist cheat engine for example).
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I made this table to change the FoV while in-game, in realtime. These hotkeys are defined: F4 - Activate the script F5 - Increase the FoV by 2.5 degrees F6 - Decrease the FoV by 2.5 degrees F7 - Reset FoV F8 - Set FoV to native +30 degrees You can choose between three versions: a no-script version, for which you need CE installed and to manually attach it to the ACAH process. A .exe standalone version (zipped, password: pcgw), this file will trigger false-positives with your antivirus, as most CE trainers do. Or you could re-create the standalone v
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