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    That would suggest the issue stems from modifications made to the file by you though, not the trainer. It makes no changes to the game files and restores the original code in the memory when you press F8 again. For some display modes or other variables, it may also require pressing alt+enter twice to have the game read from its original code again.
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    Look up reverse engineering software on YouTube to get startedĀ šŸ˜ Contrary to the popular belief, it usually takes many hours of disassembling, and few games are properly fixed by searching for the well-known aspect ratio or Unreal Engine 4 FOV-related bytes. If they are, the solutions are usually available on day one because every advanced ultrawide user knows them by now.

    From the developer standpoint, it's easier than it is from mine because they already have all their functions defined and documented as classes and such, while to me every game is a black box with many lines of pure assembly code to dig through. String references can be of value in 1% of the cases but the rest is discovery, trial and error.

    I actually think the community can be too harsh on the developers, because although on their end enabling ultrawide may be as simple as two checkboxes and a number of FOV values to convert from horizontal to vertical, expanding the field of view means there is a lot more space to fill with assets, as previously explained by me here. Shooting a film, two constructed walls in a warehouse can be enough to create the illusion of being inside a house with four walls and a roof. Imagine expanding the field of view to the point of the warehouse being visible and zooming out for the viewer to see the construction. It's usually not as bad in games but even a small out-of-place item or a pop-in can be seen as a significant problem capable of ruining the immersion and causing outrage. As ultrawide users, we are used to those and we can tolerate them and often forgive them when using an unofficial mod. Moreover, as a modder I have no responsibility if something goes horribly wrong, as my livelihood does not depend on it.

    With that said, I think it's fine to put some pressure on developers and show them that there is a demand for wider resolutions. No posts about it would never push them to improve or care, and there are quite a few cases of developers - like those of Terminator: Resistance or Disco Elysium - listening and shipping ultrawide support in post-release updates.
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    I'm sure about it, yes. Putting my trainer aside, replacing 3B 8E E3 3F and increasing the FOV should result in severe offsets to the interaction icons, but none should be out of reach. Replacing 39 8E E3 3F with your aspect ratio bytes will cause the first room table icon and the main red room interaction buttons to disappear. Replacing 39 8E E3 3F with a lower aspect ratio value may be of some use but then the split screen scenes will be limited in width.
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    Hi. This is covered by my description of softlocks at 32:9. As such, the trainer is not to be used at 32:9 at all unless you want to play 21:9 windowed or constantly toggle on and off. I know it can be disappointing and it is to me as well, as I always try to cover the most common wide aspect ratios or ideally even have the tools adapt to any screen size, as it was with this one and evidenced by the 24:10 report. Sadly, some elements just get cropped out or become inaccessible past a certain point and there is currently no workaround apart from modifying the 3B 8E E3 3F bytes as seen in the post on the WSGF subreddit, although then the interaction icons will still be offset depending on the FOV. Make sure not to touch the 39 8E E3 3F bytes though or you will end up experiencing the same issues as with mine.
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    I have got no problem at all on 2560 1080.
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