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  1. Followed the instructions exactly and put the files from inside the Texmod folder into the Prototype folder. Still doesn't work. Why are there 2 parts with the same files? All part 2 does is overwrite the files of part 1. How does that help in any way? Do I need to start a new game for it to work?
  2. This doesn't work. The instructions are confusing as shit and the texture packs wont load in. You talk about how if you have an 8 core processor then you need to follow step 3. In step 3 you then proceed to go off topic explaining that if you don't have Prototype installed in the default location, then you need to change the "Target" and "Start In" destination paths. Nigga, I have my game installed in the default location so what am I supposed to do? I click on "Prototype (more that 8 Cores)", which isn't even grammatically correct btw, load in the texture packs and hit "Run" but they don't sh
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