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  1. Mate, what you have to do is have both downloaded files in the same folder. Extract the first file and it extracts the second part automatically. No need to extract the second file manually. Then you put the texmod folder in the prototype game folder. Not just the files, the entire folder.
  2. thanks for the assist, makes it super easy to run this game along side the resolution fix. I might try to see if I can get it to run with dxvk. Possibly find a fix with shadows not working for my amd card by spoofing the device and vendor id of an nvidia card
  3. yup, shit's working now. This is due to my own stupidity I believe. Sorry for the mess.
  4. I extracted them both. Maybe it's because I somehow extracted them separately? This seems like it could have been the cause.
  5. I downloaded it 4 times and got the same file error each time. Game runs great and the texmod works if I don't use the file listed with the data error. I just switched it with the one provided in part 1. Edit: I tried it with my laptop as well to make sure it wasn't my computer and it still shows the data error message. So it's definitely not my hardware causing the issue. It downloads the full 132.99 mb file.
  6. I'm getting an error with the second texmod part. Is that normal?
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