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  1. @idk@KyleStilkey@mrpenguinb I actually solved this issue by following the instructions given in by penguin: I did a clean installation of the game onto a different drive and kept it strictly out of the Program Files directories. When the game ran for the first time, I also turned off my other two monitors as to not confuse the application. The game now works fine along with the proper frame limit and dgVoodoo fixes listed in the PC Gaming Wiki page for this game. Will update to solved.
  2. Update: It seems that something to do with using dgVoodoo breaks the game. I reinstalled it to my C drive this time and it booted, but as soon as I tried applying the dgVoodoo files the game simply doesn't load and then it's bricked until you reinstall it. Addendum: This game does crap that makes no sense. 1. I uninstalled the game via deleting the files and having control panel remove the program from the program list, reinstalled the game and it launched with no issues. That's when I tried applying the dgVoodoo files, which broke the game. 2. I uninstalled that in
  3. @mrpenguinb I am currently running an Intel Core i9-10850K with an Nvidia RTX 2070, running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro. I've had the same GPU for several years, but the CPU is just about a week old now, game worked perfectly fine before changing my CPU.
  4. Alright, so I originally posted an inquiry with the exact same name about nine months ago, all the way back in January, here is a link to the original discussion: A lot has happened since I originally posted this topic, however, the biggest thing is that I've done several upgrades on my main system, including replacing the motherboard and CPU wholesale. I was planning on capturing footage of this game for my YouTube channel, but now I've hit this same brick wall yet again, except this time, nothing I've done has solved the problem. I'm at a complete loss on this now, as
  5. @mrpenguinb Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I do now have the answers to your questions. First, my laptop's specifications are as follows: CPU: Intel Core i5 6300HQ @2.3GHz Memory: 12GB DDR4 Dual Channel @1064MHz Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX @2GB DDR3 Second, I actually tried applying dgVoodooo and nothing seems to have changed, the application is still just a black screen with the aforementioned effects occurring. The game is still technically running, as I was able to "start" it, or at least I presse
  6. @cloudhaacker @mrpenguinb Alright, I've elected to attempt installation on my laptop PC since last time, and I'm having some problems unique to this setup. First, while the game will copy or install, I start the game and the Capcom logo is missing the iv50 codec, so I installed and fixed that. However, the main problem is, without any modifications, there are no graphics present at all when I start the game, there's sound, but nothing else. A few seconds in, when the narrator gets to the quantum refractors line, the game skips to the Servbot walking sounds and then crashes. I can'
  7. @cloudhaacker After doing some more testing, I've pretty much decided that just running it in full screen with the original config file is sufficient enough, as I'm still able to tab out and record via OBS by going back in, so that's that for me. In any case, I appreciate everyone who has contributed to this thread. I might make an update to the initial post later including the simplified explanation of this setup process, as it worked when simply installing the game and going through the process didn't, at least for me. I may even have time to make my own video doing this setup my
  8. @cloudhaacker Alright, so I've applied everything, and it's all good so far, I'm just having a slight problem with getting the game to go into full screen, which it was doing by default with the original configuration file. I guess my game really just doesn't like the function keys too much because F8 also crashes the game when trying to full screen the application, other than that, everything should be okay, I just want to know if you've encountered this issue.
  9. @cloudhaacker Okay, so a combination of things just happened. One, I copied the files from the disc directly into a folder of their own, ran the game, and guess what? Without even needing to modify anything, the lighting seemed to work correctly and there was no aliasing. (Laughter of an insane man ensues). That's the good news, the "bad" news, if there is any at this point, is that pressing F7 still tries to window and crashes the game. So, at the risk of doing messing this up, I am going to backup this directory just in case. I'm not sure if copying the additional files from the d
  10. @cloudhaacker Thanks for this simplified explanation, this makes it a lot more clear, I'll see what I can do right now, actually. Shouldn't take very long to have an update.
  11. If I could make a final request before I go, it would be that someone makes a video, or at the very least, a series of screenshots of this setup being done, because the way the process is written still confuses me, and I'm not sure if I'm following along correctly or not. As I said, this process obviously works, because it's been proven, I just can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong. I appreciate everyone's help.
  12. @mrpenguinb Sorry, still no dice, the program continues to crash upon pressing F7, no matter whether I have the game to 640x480 in compatibility or if I do it myself manually. I've turned off both other monitors, I have all of the files lined up as shown, I have "Passthrough to real DirectX" ticked. I still don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not, I have to be if it works for you both. I'm going to give up for the night, it's past midnight where I live.
  13. @mrpenguinb Okay, so that time it did run and the graphics and audio were both present, instead of just audio last time (I forgot to mention that). I have some sort of suspicion that this game doesn't like me having multiple monitors or something, maybe that's unrelated, but I don't know at this point.
  14. @mrpenguinb All that's altered is the replaced files from the Unfinished Business patch now:
  15. @mrpenguinb Alright, I've done that. I don't know if I was supposed to try and run the game, but I did anyway, and while it does run, it's just a black screen inside of a window after the Capcom animation.
  16. What I really need is a video of someone doing this step-by-step, because I can't follow what's going on now. I somehow managed to open two processes of Mega Man Legends on my third monitor, while they were both in 640x480, which doesn't make sense because that's not what I set that monitor to and they still didn't look correct. I'm completely lost at this point. Also, I don't know if this is a different version of WineD3D or not, because it doesn't appear to have any such .dll.
  17. I've lost track of everything. Now the game insists on running on my other monitor even though it's not my primary one.
  18. @mrpenguinb I'm really just not sure how I'm supposed to do anything that's listed. I figured out that I could change my display adapter to 640x480, but then you said that I didn't actually have to do that, so I don't know which one it is. Am I supposed to have dgVoodoo active in the root directory of Mega Man Legends or no? Can WineD3D and dgVoodoo exist in the same folder or no? Am I actually supposed to change my resolution or no? I can't keep any of it straight.
  19. @mrpenguinb This just keeps getting me more and more confused. First, my version of WineD3D didn't come with a file called "libwine.dll," second, when I deleted dgVoodoo2 and all of its files from the directory, I launched the game, but there was no task running, and now my third monitor looks like this:
  20. @cloudhaacker Do you mean to actually go into the Windows settings and change my desktop resolution to 640x480? If so, my system doesn't even go that low, the minimum is 800x600.
  21. @mrpenguinb dgVoodoo is now in the root director for Mega Man Legends and nothing seems to have changed. There was a configuration file included with the Unfinished Business patch, which I read in at least one place that messes with the full screen ability of the game, so I didn't copy that over and just left the default config that the game generates. I don't know if that has to do with anything, just thought I'd mention it.
  22. @mrpenguinb I just tested this out and I was able to remove the D3D8.dll file from the directory without affecting anything. So, since that is the case, in what way is dgVoodoo not working correctly, so that I can try and fix it?
  23. @mrpenguinb Unfortunately, changing the refresh rate didn't seem to do anything either. Would the issue, by any chance, be related the MS files I'm using, because I've been using the x86 version from dgVoodoo, because Mega Man Legends is a 32bit program, correct? If this isn't the case, then I'm pretty much out of ideas.
  24. For example, this is with all settings as they were with everything where it's supposed to be (pardon me trying to screenshot media player, but it's the fastest way for me to do this):As you can see, the lighting is still broken and everything is still very aliased.
  25. @mrpenguinb In @cloudhaacker's video, he lists in the description that "Once your loaded into the game, push F7 to set the renderer to DirctX Wrapper." When I do this, the game tries to window and crashes. Even with me placing all of the required files into the root directory and having the correct settings, the game doesn't look like it is shown in the video. I don't know why, it just doesn't.
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